TextScroll: Week 1, June 10 – Michelle

This morning, I couldn’t code until my Mac and XCode finished updating, so I started exploring eye tracking literature. Rayner seems to be the main guy for that, and I read his comprehensive metaanalysis on 20 years of eye tracking research. I took some notes on the sections he wrote on eye movements and reading, and thought about how these ideas could apply to TextScroll.

Once all devices were finally up-to-date, I got my flag game from yesterday successfully running on the iPad. I wanted to see if I could get TextScroll onto the iPad, but there are some errors in the code, probably because Swift updated since the last time TextScroll was worked on, so some of the syntax is outdated. I’ll be sure to fix them after I do a few more practice apps.

In the afternoon I followed Hacking with Swift’s projects 4 and 5, which are a simple browser and an anagram game. The simple browser only loads websites you hardcode in, which could be useful for TextScroll if we want to download word phrases from a specific domain or take participants to an online survey. The anagram game was a step up in complexity from the previous projects, and I also deviated from the tutorial a bit to make things more concise and efficient. It looks like Hacking with Swift has a tutorial where you work with tilt, so I’ll be working up to that in the coming week.

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