TextScroll: Week 2, June 16 – Michelle

On Tutorial 20 now. Tutorial #17 is a fruit ninja game that was particularly involved and reminded me of the Tetris game I attempted on day 1 (definitely not for beginners!). Working with swipes and physics when tossing and slicing penguins was particularly exciting to learn about when building Swifty Ninja. Getting all this practice on tracking user touch locations will be useful if I ever am able to try implementing my finger trace idea into TextScroll. I also got exposure to some miscellaneous features like Safari extensions, putting ads in your app, and how to implement and annotate maps. However, I’m itching to create something of my own, so tomorrow I want to take a stab at making unit tests for TextScroll. Looking at this intro to Swift unit tests, it doesn’t sound too different from Java’s, but the graphic stuff might be new. Hope all those tutorials have prepared me well!

List of assert methods for Swift.

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