TextScroll: Week 3, June 21 – Michelle

I finished up the tilt tutorial, and turns out the gravity, friction, and acceleration features are exclusive to sprite objects, so it’s not easily applicable to ScrollingLabel, which uses text instead of an image. There may be a way to get ScrollingLabel to become an object that works with SpriteKit, but it’s not immediately obvious.

Also, I don’t want to make any more additions to the code until I’ve implemented Software Dev’s features and have all those working, since things are probably going to change a lot. The SD team left the project with 15 branches, some merged and some not. I’m currently unsure how to untangle it all, and none of the summer team members really know what to do either since they didn’t work on the project. I picked a branch to download and test on the app to see if it compiled okay, found a stable one and attempted to automerge it with a feature that Github indicated could be automerged. However, after taking quite a while to process, there was an “unsuccessful check” and “The Travis CI build failed”, and I don’t know what “Travis CI” means because it was something SD added in.

As I’m waiting to hear back from the SD team, the summer team has been brainstorming ideas for our “Christmas in Summer” theme for the CS Open House on Thursday. We cut out some paper snowflakes to hang on the wall and have a lot of Christmas decoration contributions coming in, so I think it’s going to be great!

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