TextScroll: Week 3, June 22 – Michelle

I’m currently in the process of corresponding with previous researchers that have worked on TextScroll. The SD team has given me a better idea of where they left off the project, but I will need further clarification from them before deciding on which version of their project to use as my “base” project. I also got in contact with Adam, who can hopefully help me understand how exactly ScrollingLabel, the heart of TextScroll, works. Once I have a set “base” project and a good understanding of ScrollingLabel, I’ll be in good shape to improve the app.

I also discussed some design choices with Prof. Medero:

  • The working title for the project is confirmed to be”TextScroll” rather than “HMC Word Scroll,” but I can improve the name if I think of a better one.
  • Theme colors for the app are up to my discretion 🙂
  • Currently, the app disables tilting after the reader reaches the last word. I should take this out and give readers the option to go back and reread if needed.
  • The “Library” tab that I’ve been seeing on the SD team’s versions of the app are meant to be curated articles that people can read outside of the laboratory context. The versions that have preloaded articles working do not have a home button, so I should add that.
  • The app currently requires you to enter a unique ID before it will let you start scrolling. This is unnecessary since the code can generate a unique ID to keep participants anonymous. I should take this ID entry out to keep things simpler on the participants’ side.
  • The jerky acceleration may have to do with frame refresh rate or how the app currently calculates acceleration. I’ll need a better understanding of ScrollingLabel before I can work on this.

A lot of today was spent preparing for the CS Open House tomorrow. The decorations we put up will also be a very enjoyable environment to work in over the next weeks, so I think it was all worth it!

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