TextScroll: Week 3, June 23 – Michelle

Open house went well today. We got a lot of visitors who enjoyed our decorations and were impressed by our projects. When some visitors demo’d the app, their first instinct was to tilt forward/ backward instead of left/right. I’ll keep that in mind if I decide to work on improving the tutorial section of the app. Other visitors also suggested just holding down a button to scroll instead of tilting. That’s definitely a great direction for expanding the app, but I want to refine the tilting mode and get an iPhone port working before I add different modes.

After hearing back from the SD team/ Adam, I’ve decided to use the stable version I found as my “base” project. Adam sent me a commented version of Scrolling Label that let me understand mostly everything after some studying alongside his comments. I’m aiming to get scrolling smoother on the app, but I’m worried that I’ll mess up the current method of data collection if I change the acceleration:movement formula too much. I’m planning to get the app to display acceleration, offset, speed, words per minute, and other informative variables so that I can observe them when I’m testing. Before I get that set up, I programmed the Reset button to just reset the text in the scrolling label back to its starting position instead of returning to the Home menu, which differentiates its function from the Home icon on the upper left of the screen. I also removed the “resume” button from the home screen, since I’m not sure what purpose it serves. Tomorrow I hope to play around with acceleration and have a “show user specs” toggle available in the settings to assist with testing.

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