TextScroll: Week 4, June 30 – Michelle

No responses yet on Stack Overflow. I also tried placing a long image inside a ScrollView, since its purpose is to handle images or text that exceed the size of the screen. Unfortunately, the image just appeared as a black rectangle.

While I wait for help on the black rectangle issue, I tried learning how to apply a blur filter over text. I read that iOS8 included a very easy way to apply blurs over objects without eating up too many resources, but this easy-to-use UIVisualEffectView doesn’t play nice with Sprite Kit… In the Sprite Kit scene in the simulator, the blur effect simply shows up as a semitransparent gray rectangle. On the iPad, the blur effect can only be seen when the device is in mid-rotate, but is otherwise a not-very-pretty semitransparent rectangle. Then, I found that Sprite Kit is able to blur SKSpriteNodes and got that working (the lorem ipsum strip at the bottom), but my end goal is to only have the app blur whatever passes under a rectangle instead of the entire strip of text. I’ve yet to figure that out, but if all else fails, a semitransparent rectangle may suffice, since it’s pretty hard to read the “zzz”s under the light gray rectangle in the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.02.40 PM.png

Link dump for future reference:




UIView Fundamentals

UIVisualEffectView Tutorial: Getting Started

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