TextScroll: Week 4, July 1 – Michelle

This morning was spent tinkering around and trying different combinations of objects to see if I can get any leads on what else to try, but with no success. In the afternoon I chatted with a family friend who is an iOS expert. He said the black rectangle was most likely because Sprite Kit objects rely on the GPU which ran out of memory when my node got way too large, so a long strip of text is not an option with Sprite Kit. He pointed me to MarqueeLabel, which takes a string larger than the size of the screen and automatically scrolls it smoothly across the screen. We confirmed that it works with very large bodies of text. It’s similar to the current Scrolling Label but a lot more organized and intuitive to use, so working with MarqueeLabel should make expanding on TextScroll less messy. If I can hook up motionManager to this, we might finally have our Scrolling Label v2. However, I just got hit with deja vu and went back through this blog to confirm my hunch: Adam tried using Marquee Labels in the early stages of TextScroll and absolutely hated them, but it looks like this Swift version of the Marquee Label was written only months ago and might be better than what he found.

Since MarqueeLabel solely works with UIKit, adding blur preview should be very easy, but  I ran into the same problem as yesterday: the rectangle that should blur everything beneath it shows up as semitransparent. This tutorial provides the code for exactly what I want, but the moment I put it into my own project, it doesn’t blur. I also found this Github code that when run by itself works fine (so it’s not my XCode software/ simulator’s problem), but when I copy paste the blur code into my own project, it doesn’t work… I’ll ask around again to see if I can get a quick fix for this.

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