TextScroll: Week 5, July 5 – Michelle

In the morning, I tried tinkering with the blur filter some more and found that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, and while images blur, putting some text behind the blur filter falls in the “sometimes doesn’t” category.

For Scrolling Label, I have set up the motion manager in my test project, but the MarqueeLabel is designed in a way that only lets you set the speed once. Because of this, when I set the preliminary speed to 20 and then ask it to update to 100, the label will still move at rate 20. I’ve been trying to dig into the MarqueeLabel code itself to see if I can modify it to enable dynamic speed updating, but don’t know enough about Core Animation to fully understand what’s going on, particularly “animation curves” and other CA jargon. The accelerometer is accurately printing the device’s tilt into the console and does print “condition was met” when accel > 0.5. It also prints “Rate: 100” when it is at 0.5+ tilt, but the actual animation speed of the label doesn’t change… I am in touch with the family friend and may drop the creator of MarqueeLabel a note on GitHub.

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