TextScroll: Week 5, July 8 – Michelle

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.00.59 PMCurrently, TextScroll v2 has:

  • Smooth scrolling text!
  • A scroll view with blur filters on either side that dynamically sizes according to text size and screen size. You can also specify the length of the blur filter
  • A “next” button that loads another text sample into the scrollview. You can easily adjust the number of samples to be shown to the user before a “finish” button appears to send the user to a Thank You screen.
  • Loads the acclimation text and randomly selects the lexical/semantics/syntactic samples like in v1 – an easy copy paste.
  • Fade in animations for the scrollview and buttons
  • If the user thinks tilting left to move the text forward is more intuitive to them, they can set that by tapping the “Reverse tilt control” switch, and vice versa.

To be added soon, hope to consult Prof. Medero first:

  • Refining the tilt-> movement equation so that the speed stays consistent across all text lengths.
  • A welcome/ instructions screen. Would like to know if the instructions screen must be viewed before proceeding to the Test View.
  • Data collection and connection to Firebase. Want to know if I should transfer data collection algorithm verbatim or try to improve it based on the new ScrollLabel’s capabilities.

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