TextScroll: Week 6, July 11 – Michelle

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.23.43 PM

Current progress:

  • Added a start screen that sends users to the Instructions View Controller (IVC) shown above. The actual instructions text will likely be modified later so I’m not perfecting the content/autolayout yet. The switch at the center will carry over to the next screen (“Test View Controller” (TVC), where the main tilting/reading action happens) with the proper tilt configuration. Initially, the IVC gave me some trouble since the buttons wouldn’t respond to taps even though I was sure nothing was wrong. After remaking the storyboard view controller, it worked fine………
  • Added home button to the IVC and TVC, and an Exit button to the Thank You screen.
  • Previously, the last word of a text sample will be hidden behind the blur filter and the label will think the user has scrolled to the end. I fixed this by asking the animation code to travel an extra bit of distance.
  • Adjusted the speed equation: self.accel/Double(self.text.length). Seems to give me a constant speed across all text lengths.
  • Tried to add a “debug mode”, which displays some helpful information (time elapsed, acceleration, offset) on the screen. While the stats were displaying and updating accurately, it caused the scrollview to glitch, likely because too much is going on in the GCD (the multithreading handler). I’ll need to brush up my GCD knowledge before I can tackle this again.

To do:

  • Understand GCD better as my app gets more complex.
  • Talk to Prof. Medero about the data collection algorithm.

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