TextScroll: Week 6, July 13 – Michelle


  • Made blur filters slightly less blurry by setting the blurview’s alpha to 0.99. Opaque rectangles were still making the text underneath too clear. You’re not supposed to tamper with the alpha, but 0.99 still blurs and you can read the faded text underneath if you focus on it.
  • Made a thorough tutorial. Has the user experiment with tilting in both directions to go forwards/backwards, then asks the user to tap the tilt control switch to reverse the controls and play with both directions in this new setting. May add some additional animations around the control switch so it’s easier to find.
  • Made a variable to easily set different tilt mappings across the entire app.
  • Put my code on GitHub – it’d be a shame to lose all my code at this stage!

To do:

  • Play with different tilt mappings

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