TextScroll: Week 6, July 14-15 – Michelle

  • Added a new tilt mapping that utilizes constant acceleration. The user tilts left/right to adjust to their desired speed, and once they’re comfortable they can hold their iPad level (acceleration 0) to maintain that speed. This way, the reader does not have to read at a slant in order to keep the text moving. I tinkered with the equation for quite a while before it accelerated/decelerated at a good speed.
  • Another tilt mapping that’s just tilt = speed^3. This lets readers tilt less than the linear tilt=speed to achieve their desired speed.
  • Remote configuration through Firebase is working. Michael and I were struggling with it for a while and were positive we had all the components to connect the app to Firebase, but it would fetch the variables I was setting online as 0 regardless of what the actual value was. After a while, I didn’t change anything but reran and it was working….. Currently I just have font size hooked up to remote configuration and plan to add more.
  • Looked into alternative text blurring methods than the blur view, which blurs far too much and can’t really be controlled.  I’m considering the mask idea, where a blurred version of the text runs on top of the clear text. A well-known blurring filter is CIGaussianBlur, but it only works on images. The current idea I’m playing with is using Core Graphic’s shadow (outer glow) effect. Although the outer glow is very light, if I apply that light glow 10 times, it obscures the text but still lets you see the general shape. I’m unsure if this method can handle large amounts of text, but I’ll give it a try on Monday.

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