TextScroll: Week 7, July 19 – Michelle

After looking around for a while I found this UIImage extension package that I’m told renders very quickly compared to what I’ve been trying. I specifically wanted to use the Obj. C version since people were saying that the Swift version runs much slower/doesn’t blur properly, so a chunk of time was spent figuring out how to use Objective C files in my Swift project. Despite following this tutorial exactly, I ran into some strange, bizarre errors that were unrelated to the actual problem: I used ‘print’ instead of ‘printf’…..  After I finally got that working, the blur method was hitting an error that we don’t know how to fix: the blurWithRadius method can only be used on a UIImage, but it has an if statement that I hit if the image isn’t a CGImage and returns nil. Converting the UIImage into a CGImage will result in the complaint ‘blurWithRadius doesn’t exist for CGImages’, so you must use a UIImage. There isn’t much help online for this so I’m not sure what the problem is.

I also took a brief break amidst all that to make a temporary icon for the app:


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