TextScroll: Week 7, July 20 – Michelle

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.42.23 PM

Above is the result of FXBlurView, which loads up with only a slight delay and lets you freely adjust blur amount, transparency, tint, and more. It initially wouldn’t blur when I imported the Obj. C code into TextScroll, so I made a separate sample project to make sure I was using it properly (and I was). In the end, I found out that the view wasn’t blurring in TextScroll because I didn’t put autolayout constraints on it… While FXBlurView is faster than GaussianBlur, it still lags the device if the stuff below the blurView is changing constantly, so I’ll have to have a static, blurred version of the text moving on top of the clear text if I go through with this idea. Although FXBlurView gives you the ability to directly apply blur to an image, I can’t get that to work in my own project, and it doesn’t demonstrate a working version of it in the provided sample projects. If I’m forced to use a blurView over a copy of the clear text, that’ll make me have to juggle 3 layers in the scrollview, and the scrollview doesn’t play well with layering. While I can achieve the above look, the clear text scrolls on top of it, and I can’t force the blurView/text copy to appear in front even with an explicit “bring to front” command.

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