TextScroll: Week 7, July 21-22 – Michelle

I tried a few more libraries out there and none of them worked out for me, so I started to learn how to parse in Python to get a head start on the data processing I’ll likely be doing later. Reading, writing, and join/split are all quite straightforward, but I’m still not too clear on how to utilize the regex syntax for more complex files. I also added a smooth horizontal view transition to the app, since I feel like having the screens slide horizontally as you progress makes more sense than having every single screen slide up from the bottom.

Then, per my family friend’s suggestion I revisited the GPUImage Framework, which previously didn’t work for me because the sample project wouldn’t compile on the simulator. What I didn’t realize was that the sample works with the camera, which my computer doesn’t have, but it works perfectly on the device. I think I have an idea of what to do now, so I’ll try out the Swift GPUImage’s “unblur mask” operation next Monday…

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