TextScroll: Week 9, August 2 – Michelle

Closer to getting the ideal look for the blur filter. The layer issue I had yesterday was resolved – the app was layering as I wanted, but the dark text (original text/ “sharp” text) is so dark and the blurred text is semitransparent, so it looked like the dark text was over the blurred text when it actually wasn’t. However, because of this I will need to create transparency masks for both dark and blurred texts. After lots of experimentation, the most straightforward method I found was to layer a white-transparent gradient rectangle over the text in order to cover the areas I didn’t want appearing on the screen. For example, if I only want the dark text to appear in the center of the screen, I create a rectangle that’s transparent in the center and white on the edges. Here’s the layer order I have at the moment:

_ = white

…= transparent

_____ ……….. _____

dark text


blur                       blur text

The problem with this is that the left/right side of the top rectangle covers everything underneath it, so you can’t see the blurred text at all. Unsure how to fix this until I find an alternate way of hiding areas of the text.

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