TextScroll: Week 10, August 8 – Michelle

Last Friday and today were spent troubleshooting the weird visual bugs and nil errors that appeared in TestViewController after I transferred the working code from TutorialViewController over. After rearranging the code (and dearranging the code if I made things worse) I fixed the nil exception errors, but then found out that GPUImage can’t handle images larger than 2048×2048 at the moment, and the sample texts in the main experiment have a width of around ~34,000. For the time being, the blur filter stops working for these text samples, and I’m currently searching for a fix. I’ve tried reimplementing other 3rd party extensions I’ve found, but none of them worked, and uninstalling/reinstalling frameworks was quite a headache.

Goals for the end of this week are:

  • Make a poster
  • Leave TextScroll and documentation in a place where a new researcher can continue
  • Get basic data analysis working so that new researchers can easily build on that

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